Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gay Carrington Exposed

I've enjoyed the podcast,
Vera Speaks, ever since I met the engaging Auntie Vera Charles earlier this year, and was particularly blown away by her insightful analysis of your Gay, from last night's webisode.

The segment I'm referring to starts at the 18:30 mark but of course I recommend listening to the entire recording. 
And since you're already there, don't forget to bookmark it!

XX, Gay

Thank you Vera! I barley noticed you calling me an old drunk talking head.
*raises cocktail glass
Cheers to you, Doll... from one to another.


  1. You are so incredibly kind. Thank you for this, dear one. So much.

    And LOL, LOL and LOL. I MUST have been referring to someone ELSE!!!


  2. Nice to see Gay's talent discussed.

  3. No need for decuntstructing Gay Carrington. Take her or leave her. You don't touch the Mona Lisa. Gawd, the nerve.

  4. Dearest Miss Carrington,

    I am so glad to have found you via the effervescent Auntie Vera Charles. I am devouring your Utube videos, I've followed you on Twitter and now this lovely diary.

    I am, by no means, a stalker. But if the shining star that is Vera Charles is fascinated and in awe of you, then how can I not seek to bask in the glow of the super nova that is Gay Carrington.

    I look forward to gnawing at any crumb you throw me.