Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I came across a story earlier on Gawker about how Scientists are close to unlocking the secrets of male pattern baldness. It made me realize that there really aren't any bald A-list leading men right now in Hollywood. Where are they? The only one who comes to mind is Bruce Willis.  Surely there's someone a bit more au courant than Bruce I'm forgetting?

I wish John Travolta would come out as a bald. I saw him recently on Oprah wearing a very obvious wig  -the lace front was peeling from the hot studio lights. If I had been Oprah, I would have gone to a commercial immediately and fixed it -I'm certain she noticed. Travolta has nice eyes. That's all he needs. Not a full on cinnamon wig fresh out of the bag.

No one wore skin like Telly Savalas! I just spent a very steamy three minutes with him on Youtube.


XX, Gay


  1. Gay, how can you forget about Vin Deisel? The man is LUSH. Or is he too rough for a classy lady like you? You're obviously pining for a bit of rough dear xx

  2. Ben Kingsley is very much bald.

  3. No one wore "bald" better than Mr.Savalas, though Sinead O’Connor in the nineties came close!

  4. Patrick Stewart!!!! Vin Deisel looks nice bald, but not sure if he fits the "A" list. My mom was in LOVE with Telly because of his baldness. For Musicians, Chris Daughtry is hot!

  5. for some reason that vid kinda creeps me out a little...

  6. The 99 Cents Store is currently offering "Bald Guyz Head Wipes." Guess what Dad's getting for his birthday...