Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dream Factory

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I read through a stack of scripts over weekend -nothing worth mentioning. My search continues. It would be so much easier if I had an agent to filter out the bad. I desperately need to get lost in a role and forget about reality for awhile, it's been too long. My last big project was "Bates Motel," and that was 8 months ago. Maybe I will put together a "Making of Bates Motel" documentary for it's one year anniversary...a sort of behind the scenes....
"Add that to the list, Gay."
"OK, Gay"
I also need an assistant.

I watched fragments of the Golden Globes on Sunday. Everyone looked so tightened and tuned-up. I did not see one movie that was nominated yet, but somehow I knew everyone's name and everything about their personal lives. Celebrity has a very different meaning in the 21st century ... The internet is the new Dream Factory.

Began working on my autobiography again.
Must find a publisher. So much living.

Such a busy year so far and it's still only January.

XX, Gay


  1. Oh Gay, Grand performance! Scary! Edge of my seat! Bravo Bravo! Can't wait to see your next movie!

    I'll have a glass of bubbly waiting! Sparkling apple cider that is!
    Kathy in Sunny California!

  2. Gay I love this film...Bates Motel is a CLASSIC!!!

  3. Hello Ms. Carrington
    Are you accepting resumes for the "assistants" position?
    Yours truly,

  4. I adore you Gay. Screw those Hollywood fembots...... you're the real deal.

  5. Brilliant! You are a continuous source of inspiration. Love you Gay!

  6. I so Love your work and was an instant fan. It just stands head and shoulders above the rest.
    I also would like to Apply for the assistant position as well. My shorthand is week, I type 60 words a minute, I have an excellent memory and I love sherry.

  7. Nicole has never looked better. I love you Gay, you rock!!